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INTERVIEW: Mary Zendejas Knows A Thing or Two About Courage and Passion

Originally Published: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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Mary Zendejas is an announced candidate for the vacant District 1 City Council seat. Ms. Zendejas is the founder of Professional Abilities Association of America, an organization created for working professionals with disabilities and is a Board Director for Long Beach Transit.

Mary Zendejas speaks candidly about being stricken with polio as an infant in Mexico and the impact throughout her life. Her parents brought her to the United States when she was three years old in an effort to provide her with better healthcare options at the time. It turned out to be more.

“What I thought they did was they gave me a chance at life.”

Zendejas learned powerful lessons from her parents in those early days. She explains how they would always tell her, “Mija, your legs may be weak, your arms may be weak, but your mind is the strongest thing you have.” It is a lesson that she holds onto very strongly. Those words from the parents of Mary Zendejas proved to be important guides for her to conquer any obstacle put in front of her. interviewed Zendejas recently about the themes of courage, passion, and commitment in her life. We asked her how she expects to bring those traits to her campaign for Long Beach City Council and the policy issues she must address.

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