My Platform

A Safe City for All

Mary is committed to a safe community for all residents. She is a strong supporter of our public safety officers and was an early supporter and campaigned for Measure A - the 2016 ballot measure that restored the Downtown Long Beach South Division and increased paramedic and fire service throughout Long Beach. She firmly believes that community safety is achieved through on-going partnerships and growing support for youth programs, libraries, and park space. 


A Healthy Environment


Mary is a strong advocate for a clean environment. She understands that First District residents are disproportionately impacted by pollution from the ports and 710 freeway and a lack of open space. As a Board Member of Long Beach Transit, she worked to launch the city’s first fleet of electric buses and initiatives to support multimodal transit. Mary supports converting trucks coming in and out of the port to electric trucks and expanding open space. She is committed to the restoration of the LA River, the completion of LB MUST and completing the Chavez/Drake Park Master Plan. ​



A Home for Everyone​

As a longtime advocate for affordable housing, Mary will work tirelessly to ensure all residents have access to an affordable home. She will work to expand affordable housing for low-income residents, people with disabilities, and seniors. Mary supports protecting vulnerable tenants and testified in support of the Tenant Relocation Assistance ordinance recently adopted by the City Council. She wrote an op-ed in the Long Beach Post on the topic ( She intends to be a leading voice on housing issues for people with disabilities. 



Infrastructure & Preservation​

Mary is prepared to launch an aggressive plan to fix sidewalks, streets, and courts/ways across the First District and throughout the city. As a woman who uses a wheelchair daily, She understands how critical accessible and paved sidewalks, alleys, courts, and ways, and streets are to all residents and their daily quality of life. She is committed to increasing funding for infrastructure repairs and making Long Beach accessible to all residents. Mary is also committed to historic preservation and supporting our First District Historic Districts and historic buildings because of their beauty, and their rich historical value is unparalleled.

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